About Arthur Meintjes
& Kingdom Life Ministries


Years ago, while Arthur and Cathy, still lived in South Africa, he encountered God in an amazing way.

After training at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas, Arthur and Cathy returned to South Africa to start a church. During their nine-year pastorate, the church grew and prospered, but Arthur did not.

“I didn’t understand God’s grace. I preached the Word, but I got caught in the vicious cycle of legalism.”

Trying to please God through holy living, Bible reading, prayer, and all the other “dos” of Christianity, Arthur became discouraged. “It wasn’t so much that I was discouraged with ministry—we were doing all the right things and experiencing success—but I was burnt out with Christian life. I simply couldn’t do all I thought was required of me. I couldn’t answer the questions within myself: How can I ever repay my debt for Jesus’ sacrifice? Have I done enough for God? At one point, I remember feeling obligated to read twenty-five chapters of the Bible every day. And what you feel obligated to do, you eventually begin to hate.”

Arthur battled those feelings of hopelessness and despair until it nearly killed him.

“Although God never required those things of me, my conscience did. I became so discouraged and depressed that I went into my office, picked up my loaded pistol, and cocked it, ready to take my life. The thought of committing suicide didn’t bother me; I already felt like I was going to hell because I just couldn’t measure up. I couldn’t please God.”

With his mind made up, Arthur decided to have one last “conversation” with God.

“I was so mad. I screamed at the rafters. I cussed God out. I ranted and raved. I threw my Bibles on the floor. I stomped all over them. I picked one up and threw it across the room. I desperately wanted God to respond to my temper tantrum. I thought it would be fitting for lightning to strike me down—at least it would have shown me that God heard me.”

When Arthur came to the end of himself and his emotions subsided, God whispered to his heart, Arthur, you need to enter My rest. As a Word of Faith preacher, Arthur did not appreciate God’s wisdom.

“I was insulted. I kept remembering the passage in Hebrews that said the people of God could not enter His rest because of unbelief (Heb. 3:19). I thought, God, how can You say that to me? I’m a Word of Faith preacher! I know all the Scriptures. I have faith!”

But the Spirit of the Lord told him,

“Unbelief is not the inability to believe; it is when what you believe is un.”

Arthur understood. All his life, he had believed in God, but that night, Arthur discovered he’d believed the wrong things about God, just like the children of Israel. After God rescued the Israelites from the hands of the Egyptians, their belief faltered in the wilderness. Even though they saw His awesome power displayed over and over again, when the time came for the Israelites to move into the Promised Land, what they truly believed about God—that He was an unbearable taskmaster looking for a reason to punish them—kept them from entering His rest.

Arthur’s misconception of God had kept him from experiencing the benefits of relationship as well. “That experience was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I finally realized that relationship with God—Christianity—wasn’t about how much I knew God; it was about experiencing Him. It changed my life.” Now Arthur travels the world, preaching the Gospel to everyone who will listen. His message does not point out what’s wrong with us but teaches people to look at themselves in light of the finished work of the cross.

“The Gospel is about what is RIGHT with you!”

Arthur often says.

“Grace doesn’t give us permission to sin; it empowers us to live godly lives.”

I finally realized that relationship with God—Christianity—wasn’t about how much I knew God; it was about experiencing Him. It changed my life

The good news does not point out what is wrong with you. It is about what is RIGHT with you because of the finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ, in spite of what is wrong with you!

About Kingdom Life Ministry

The Gospel is the good news of the finished work of Christ. It includes everything He accomplished for us on the cross. The Gospel doesn’t point out what is wrong with you; it is all about what has been made RIGHT with you because of Jesus Christ, no matter what might be wrong with you! The Gospel is “the power of God unto salvation” or wholeness in every area of life—and that is what Kingdom Life Ministries is all about.

Who We Are

Kingdom Life Ministries International was birthed of Arthur and Cathy Meintjes’ desire to see leaders established, in every area of life, with the message of God’s grace and goodness.

By teaching the true Gospel with integrity and openness, men and women are realizing their immense value to God and being restored to wholeness.

Arthur’s insight into God’s Word and personal experience with the love of God has equipped him to speak into desperate situations and see people of all backgrounds respond to Truth. Cathy handles the day-to-day correspondence and administration of the ministry. She also enjoys writing articles for KLM’s ministry newsletter, website, and blog.

What We Do

The Meintjes’ travel throughout the world preaching the Gospel of peace and God’s unconditional love and mercy to build, repair and restore those who are suffering and broken-hearted.

Arthur teaches the grace of God in a practical way that highlights the dignity and value of every individual in God’s sight. This emphasis creates an atmosphere of restoration—restoring our relationship with God, with our families, our neighbors, and ultimately our nation. It’s practical Grace for extraordinary living!


Administration and communication of the conferences and extended meetings is done through local churches and interdenominational groups. One man or ministry alone is unable to do it all so interaction with similar organizations is both essential and desirable.


  • Itinerate (traveling) ministry where Arthur serves the Body of Christ as an international conference speaker and Bible teacher.
  • Book publications: Arthur is the author of a book titled Knowing and Experiencing God and is also currently working on several new titles. He and Cathy have also co-authored a booklet titled: Grace and Faith Thoughts. Both books can be found in our online store.
  • Teaching series available on CD, DVD and MP3 – also available in our online store.
  • Arthur is also an adjunct lecturer at Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he teaches first and second year classes for both the day and night school. He also teaches third year classes on invitation. He is also a frequent guest speaker at several other CBC campuses in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and also the United Kingdom, several times during the year.
  • His lively, passionate and heartfelt teaching style has touched many hearts and is enjoyed by the students and visitors alike. He finds tremendous fulfillment in seeing lives changed and future leaders encouraged to follow their calling, by preaching the gospel of grace and peace in their world.


  • To teach the true message of the gospel with integrity, honest & openness, so that hearts & lives will be changed & people will realize their acceptance by God & value as human beings.
  • To hold conferences & meetings focusing on dignity, biblical self-worth, acceptance & value as an individual & our value in the eyes of God. We believe that when one has biblical self worth, one becomes aware of how valuable others are & this creates an atmosphere where people can work together for the benefit of the nation.
  • To distribute books & teaching material to help establish people in their identity in God through the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • To maintain contact with the people to whom we minister.