• Preaching the Gospel to all the World!

    I often hear people talking about a Grace Revolution taking place in the church today. I think it is more of a “Grace Reformation” that has the potential to sweep throughout the whole world! Jesus said, ”And this good news of the kingdom (the Gospel) will be preached throughout the

  • Resolving Insecurities

    Success in life is all about wholesome, positive relationships. But here are some eye-opening facts: 87% of our success is directly related to our ability to get along with others! 90-95% of all the people we come in contact with are moderately to severely insecure! We are included in that

  • Who is Man?

    Throughout my years as a Christian, I’ve observed that most of the struggles believers face have their origin in the inaccurate or erroneous beliefs we hold regarding the true nature and character of God. Just as there is a grossly inaccurate belief in the hearts of many believers regarding the

  • Jesus: The Eternal, Living Word of God

    In this teaching, we must start with agreement concerning what we value and hold dear about the Holy Scriptures. Anytime our view contradicts the biblical view, serious problems arise. It’s why people have so many varied views of God and the Gospel, and why there are over 45,000 different denominations!

  • Fear Factor

    Today, fear seems to be a normal part of life. Every day, people face fears of every kind. It’s as if fear has become man’s ever-present companion. Words that describe our society today are: fearful anxious dreadful fretful apprehensive. We are continually anxious about the soaring crime rate, the failing

  • It’s So Easy, Even You Can Do It

    I was talking to a lady that helped me at our bank. When she heard that I was a preacher, she started talking about how difficult Christian life is! Her whole emphasis was on how only a few of the best Christians will one day make it to heaven! Many

  • Growing to Your Full Stature in Christ

    In understanding spiritual maturity, one thing I’ve found to be vitally important is that mere knowledge of the Word of God without knowing, understanding, believing and experiencing the unconditional love of God will rarely, if ever, enable us to interpret, understand and communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ correctly! NOW ABOUT

  • Live in the Peace that Jesus Promised You

    Peace is a vital necessity for abundant life. No man can live the abundant life unless he has peace with God! Jesus said in John 14:27 AMP, “Peace I leave with you; My [own] peace I now give and bequeath to you. Not as the world gives do I give

  • Stop Trying to Believe and Rest in God’s Love for You

    As a rule, the majority of believers in the church do not really understand faith! Many have come to believe that living by faith is virtually inaccessible for them and only really meant for the Super Saints. Others believe they have to “grow faith.” 

Still others feel that they are