The Importance of Scripture Part I

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A major obstacle for Christians is not understanding the importance of Scripture. As a result, many are unable to relate to the Bible in a real, meaningful way.

Your words are a FLASHLIGHT to light the path ahead of me and keep me from STUMBLING. —Psalm 119:105 TLB

Many only relate to the Bible as “The Good Book” or “The Book of Wisdom.” For some, it’s an ancient rule book—irrelevant and out of date. But the answers we are looking for are in the Bible!

Questions like: What’s the purpose of life? Where did I come from? Is there life after death? Etc.

The Bible also gives us practical advice on things like what to look for in a spouse, having a successful marriage and being a good friend or parent, how to achieve success and effect change in your life, etc.

Although biblical writings are thousands of years old, studying them is still relevant because God doesn’t change and neither does man. Technology, information and standards may have changed, but God does not. Neither have man’s nature and desires changed (Eccl. 1:9).

The Bible is still as relevant for us today as it was when it was written! Mankind continues to seek significance, love, satisfaction and fulfillment in all the wrong places, but God tells us what will bring us real fulfillment and lasting joy.

When Jesus was tempted by the enemy, He said:

“…Man shall not LIVE and be UPHELD and SUSTAINED by bread alone, but by every WORD that comes forth from the MOUTH of God.”  —Matthew 4:4 AMPC

If we want to live the abundant life God intended, we must hear and heed His Word (Jesus).

When talking about the Bible, we must agree concerning the things we value and hold dear about it. If our view of Scripture contradicts Scripture itself, we’ll have serious problems in our understanding and relationship with God!

We must begin with the authority and integrity of Scripture. Unfortunately, many who believe in the validity of Scripture don’t understand it or interpret it correctly. Many think it’s not divinely inspired and, therefore, not trustworthy or reliable!

I want to make it very clear: I believe the Bible is holy, inspired and given to us by God through the Holy Spirit. The Bible is reliable and trustworthy!

 Paul told Timothy:

“…remain FAITHFUL to the things you have been TAUGHT. …they are TRUE … you can trust those who TAUGHT you. You have been taught the HOLY SCRIPTURES from childhood… they have given you the WISDOM to receive the SALVATION that comes by TRUSTING (FAITH) in Christ Jesus. ALL Scripture is INSPIRED by God and … useful to TEACH us what is TRUE … realize what is WRONG in our lives. It CORRECTS us … TEACHES us to do what is right. God uses it to PREPARE and EQUIP his people to do every good work.” —2 Timothy 3:14-17 NLT

Scripture is HOLY (holy means sacred and set apart or consecrated to God for a GODLY and SPECIFIC PURPOSE).

Scripture is INSPIRED (breathed out of God), containing His WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING and INSTRUCTION concerning salvation through faith (trust) in Jesus!


Scripture is profitable (helpful and advantageous) to every believer for doctrine (learning, teaching, and instruction); reproof (evidence, or proof, having conviction); correction (to straighten up again, to rectify and reform); and instruction(to tutor, educate, train, and nurture) in righteousness, speaking of (Christian) justification.

Scripture is given to help, teach and instruct us, with the evidence needed to reform our thinking and educate us in our righteousness or right relationship with God!

Scripture equips us to be complete and proficient in the gospel—faith in God through Jesus so we are empowered for good works.

I’m troubled when people deny the authority, validity and integrity of Scripture because of seeming contradictions or inaccuracies in the Bible. There’s no conflict or contradiction in God. He’s not confused. The only contradictions and conflicts in Scripture are because of the way they viewed and interpreted God!

This is addressed in 2 Peter 1:20-22 (AMPC).

“… no PROPHECY of SCRIPTURE is [a matter] of any personal or private or special interpretation (loosening, solving). For no PROPHECY (of scripture) ever originated because some man willed it…men spoke FROM God who were BORNE ALONG (MOVED and IMPELLED) by the Holy Spirit.”

Holy men, moved by the Holy Spirit, recorded history, events, encounters, genealogy, conversations and prophetic utterances—accurately. Therefore, scriptures have truly, accurately and reliably recorded the contradictions, errors and inconsistencies.

It makes no mistakes reporting the events, proclaiming the truth and recording the revelation of God and His will.  When it records the failures, deception and inconsistencies of various individuals, it does so truthfully and accurately.

Scripture is important because it’s holy, inspired, given to us by God through the Holy Spirit and equips us with the evidence needed to reform our thinking and educate us in our right relationship with God!

Next month, we’ll explore the importance of Scripture related to Jesus as the Word of God!

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