True Christian Freedom

As a Christian the way I think and believe is extremely and vitally important to every area of my life! People from different countries and different cultures, like Western, Eastern, and Third World cultures all think differently to each other!

E.g. – As an African I know what it is to think “African,” and especially what it is to think “South African!” But as a South African living in America, I constantly find myself having to Purposely Focus on thinking “American!” I have had to learn what it means to think “American”, and sometimes as I travel throughout the I find that thinking “American” is not always the same everywhere you go in the USA either! You have “Southern American” thinking, that seems to differ vastly from the rest of the United States.

But what is important to see is that just as there is “African” thinking, and “American” thinking in this world, likewise in the Church today there are many different schools of thought. There are those who have “Biblical” thinking, and those who have “Word” thinking, or “Old Testament” thinking, and some even have “New Testament” thinking!

But when it comes to being a Christian Believer, it is very Important for us to learn and know, what it means to think “Christian” or “Gospel.”

(Prov 23: 7) “For as he [man] thinketh in his heart, so is he:” (KJV) The Definition for the word “Thinketh” is a verb, whch means to “Calculate!” or “to put a “Valuation, Estimate” on or the “Market Price”

So when this verse is translated with that in mind, it says; Vs 7, “as he [Man] has calculated (or put valuation and estimation or the “Market Value) in his heart, so is he”

It’s clear that “what” and “who” we Esteem and Value in our hearts determines who and what we are!

The way I Think and Believe about God and especially when it comes to my Relationship with Him, controls the way I will view and relate to Myself, and the way I will view and relate to Others, as well as the world around me.

Religion, Legalism, and Self-Righteousness devalues and has no esteem for God’s relationship with Man, and Man’s relationship with God!

In order to think “Christian” our Hearts or our Core Beliefs, have to be Liberated from all forms of Religion, Legalism and Self-righteousness connected to our Relationship with God, because all True Freedom in Christian Life starts at a Heart Level.

(Galatians 5:1 AMP) “IN [this] freedom Christ has made us free [and completely liberated us]; stand fast then, and do not be hampered and held ensnared and submit again to a yoke of slavery [which you have once put off].”

Thinking as a “Christian” is to have a Relationship with God where our Thinking and Thought life is completely void of all Legalism, Law and Self-Righteousness, and our Conscious is Totally Free from all Sin, Guilt, Shame and Condemnation!


  1. Kerry Gill says

    Thank you Arthur for this article, & despite hearing this message as a student, I realise over this last year I have gradually let myself become discouraged, self conscious, rather than completely God conscious. I resolve today to get to that place of true Christian freedom as Christ has set me free & sabotaged that

  2. Crystal Logan says

    Thank you Arthur, I so appreciate your words of truth. They remind me to keep my focus on my relationship with my Lord and Father. Love checking in with you on your website.

  3. Laurel Tucker says

    Arthur, i love your teaching. You have the heart of God to show believers and non believers the heart of God! One can truly see and hear it. By that I mean, as you speak about our Lord Jesus one can tell that you know Him. That is what has begun a Love relationship with God. I have been praying the ephisians prayer and asking God for the revelation of His Love to me. As the doors of my heart opened, I was lead to listen to you. Your book on love and nowHow to lnow and experience God. All i can say is Thank you and Keep on sharing! Blessed in Kentucky.

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